Legionfarm coaching & companionship

Enough playing for free - start earning $2000/m for it!
At Legionfarm, we'll teach you how to earn over $2000 per month by playing Warzone with our clients.

Are you playing one of these games?
You too can apply for our training in Warzone and Apex Legends
Destiny 2
1.9 K/D in Competitive
Mythic 1 Rank (3500+ Glory)
5000 kills
or 1.4 K/D in Trials and 3000 kills
1.8 K/D (FPP mode = от 1 лица) in Ranked
Platinum Rank (2500 RP)
1000 kills
Rainbow 6
1.3 K/D in Ranked
Platinum 1 Rank (3200+ MMR)
1000 kills
Faceit lvl 9 (1851+ ELO)
1.0 K/D
Diamond 1 rank
1.0 K/D
2.5 K/D
2.5 K/D
8000 kills
What will you get paid for?
Helping gamers improve their in-game skills
Teaching them how to reach their in-game goals (kills, wins, certain rank, etc.)
Following Legionfarm's quality standards and rules of conduct
Winning tournaments with a prize pool of $10,000+
Who are we looking for?
K/D 2+
KILLS 10,000+
Receive a ton of even more cool stuff in our 3 month aspirant program
What you'll gain during the 3 months program?
You will improve your skills in your chosen game
Learn the ways of coaching and customer service
Practice at aim trainer on a regular basis
Learn the finer points of Apex Legends or Warzone using tutorials from our knowledge base.
You will receive a stipend of $640/month for the duration of the program.
Guaranteed job offer after graduation with a $2000/month salary
Impressed? Fill in the form and become a PRO!
Legionfarm is a platform where gamers pay to play with the best teammates
We have thousands of customers and hundreds of PROs who got paid for over 450,000 gaming sessions last year
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I am an Aspirant on LF

ı been playing for 3 week on LF as an Aspirant and everythink is going well ı am happy to be part of LF we are having fun with custumer and coaching them to get better on warzone. Right now ı am aspirant and ı have to learn somethink more from my team lead to become a PRO, he is really good guy helping me a lot, its good start of my journey in LF!

Furkan Nalbantoglu

Im an aspirant for LF for 3 weeks already

It's going really good. We're having fun with clients at the sessions, coaching them to be better and earning RP. My teamleader helping me to become better at coaching so i could become a PRO later. I think, without aspirant program it could be much harder for me at the start of my journey in LF


Loving it

Legionfarm aspirant program changed my life and allowed me to take the burden off my family while I am getting my engineering degree. It is a source of reliable income, with good people whether it be in the management, clients or other pros.

Oğuz Özen

Get a real job playing Warzone and Apex