Perfect Battle Royale experience for Gamers with a busy life
Perfect teammates

Don’t play with randoms or bad teammates - with LF you can join a team of Pros and Streamers.
Instant start

Less than a minute to join a great team.
Hundreds of teams

Hundreds of top teams available online.
All in one

Improve, Win, Have fun, and compete for prize pools.
The Play & Earn Engine
The Play & Earn Engine allows our Pro gamers to instantly start earning, constantly improve their customer experience and customer retention, and increase their revenue month by month.
The LF desktop app watches and listens to in-game play and rewards Pros for providing subscribers with the best experience on Pubs and Ranked

Pros use our Coaching Dashboard to help Subscribers improve: provide detailed feedback after the session, monitor their progress with API Data and Aim Trainer

The Pros are teaming up with Subscribers to compete in our weekly $10,000 tournaments
Make a living in Metaverses by providing our Coaching and Companionship services

Fixed payment for the first 3 months + Hardware

LF Pros earn $2,000-8,000 monthly

Weekly Tournaments with $10,000 prize pool

Unlock NFTs and sell them to your Fans & Community
Build your Champions
Provide Scholarships for Rising Stars in exchange for NFTs and Rev. Share
Backstage pass

Guild Masters have special access to their pros such as priority play time, meet and greet invites, private pro gamer chats and more.
Revenue Sharing

Earn as your pros play.
When your pros earn, you earn too
Earn NFTs

A portion of the NFTs sold to the public are granted to Guild Masters as a bonus.
NFT Marketplace

Buy, Sell, and Trade exclusive NFTs that unlock extra benefits
Our Pros
Our Pros
What the media says about LF
What the media says about LF
I believe LegionFarm will help tens of thousands gamers finally be able to make a living doing the thing they love. Michael Seibel, ex-Twitch Co-founder, Y-Combinator CEO
Join the Legionfarm Community
Join the Legionfarm Community