Legionfarm Update For Customers

Dear clients,

It’s Alex, the Founder and CEO of LegionFarm.

As you know, since we started our Battle Royales services 1 year ago. Our first goal was and still is to build a global community of PRO players. Last several months we’ve been communicating a lot with our Customers to find out what is needed the most. Thank you for your time and for the priceless feedback you provided us to help us to get better.

The point of this news update is to share some of these awesome upcoming changes with you.

Watch the update video
Speed it up by x1.2 or x1.5 to learn about everything faster. Also, all the information from this video is duplicated below
LF Senior monthly subscription
We added some significant changes to the top-up system. Now there will be three options: $50, $100 and $500. When you choose the last option, you get a monthly LegionFarm Senior subscription that will provide you with a load of awesome features as well as +$500 on your balance every month.

Moreover, as many of you asked, from now on, we’ll connect your card to our payment system so that your balance can be topped up automatically instead of you doing it manually.

This means that the balance can now be replenished with less than $ 50. For example, you had 50 dollars on your balance, Pro reported a session worth 60 dollars, we automatically charge you another 10 dollars so that 0 remains on your balance. All other sessions can be started without replenishing the balance.

The next time you top up your balance, your card will be linked, and all other sessions can be started without top up

Personal Manager
One of them is your very own personal gaming manager. Who will always be available to help you with:

  • Scheduling and communicating with PROs
  • Planning your personal coaching program
  • CRM system management
  • Organizing your participation in LF tournaments and other in-game activities

Once you top up your balance and activate your subscription, we’ll ask you to fill in a form with some of your info and also pick the best way for your manager to contact you: via WhatsApp or Discord.

Quick Refund Button
We added a Quick Refund feature for premium subscribers. It allows you to play with any of our PROs, and if need be, get an immediate refund up to 1 hour per 1 player. Also, you’ll be able to provide post-session feedback so that we can get the PROs in question into tip-top shape, using our resources to make the service better.

We will automatically refund 1 hour on your balance, and you will never be able to play with this Pro again. It means you’ll ban them for yourself and get your money back, but they still will be able to play with others (until they get some critical amount of reports).

Personal Coaching Program
You’ll have a list of skills you’d like to improve that will be assessed by your PROs. We’ll manage your account info and CRM to track your development plan. Your coach will monitor your progress, do regular VOD reviews and coaching sessions. Moreover, we’ll provide you with special content that includes guides, and the ability to take an exam to check what you’ve learned. Watch the video from this letter to learn more about it.

FL Senior Ranking System
The system is designed to track your progress by measuring your rank, KD, and number of wins in games. Better progress means higher ranks, KD and Milestones and some great Trophies.
This will consist of:

  • 70% of experiential sessions happening in Pubs or Ranked Battle Royale with your PRos
  • 10% of classroom
  • 20% of feedback exchange

Achievements System

Customers who achieve certain ranks and wins milestones within our platform will get:

  • Physical Trophies;
  • Personal LF Senior Card with player info, achievements, and stats. The card can be shared with friends and community members;
  • Champion Rings for tournament placement, to be distributed once every six months.
Trophies for Ranks and Wins milestones
Recognition of community and friends
Champion Rings for Tournament placements

LegionFarm Senior League Tournaments
Our new subscription also allows LF Seniors to train and participate in monthly online tournaments with their favorite PROs to compete against similar teams. There will be tournaments with prize pools in every game. And we’ve already got a schedule figured out.

Upcoming tourneys:
  • Apex Legends LFSL October 3: $6,000
  • COD: Warzone LFSL October 2: $5,000
  • Warzone + Apex Legends LFSL October 30-31: $10,000

Price Changes
We made some changes to our PRO ranking system that affects prices and commissions. This change will help LegionFarm become better for both players and customers.


From now on, the commission applied to paid hours will be 20-35% (previously it was 15-40% depending on the tariff).

The commission for tips provided to PROs will be 3% instead of 20%.


We have to change prices for our old and new users and make equal pricing for everyone.

• VIP $17/h
• PRO $14/h
• Sem-PRO $8/h

We have to make this change because we must charge 20-35% commission to be able to provide a good quality of services. With the money you spend inside LegionFarm, we want to give out the maximum value, pleasure, skill growth, milestones, and memory of achievements. Alongside it we’d like to provide the participation in tournaments, prize pools, personal coaching program, and free hours with your PROs during tournaments.

The PROs ranking system will be changed along with a ranking downgrade and deactivation of ~30% of players. We are also opening an education center for PROs to help them improve their skills
Please watch the video, there is way more information. Make a 1.2-1.5x speed, if needed.

Love you guys, have a good one! ❤️
Please watch the video, there is way more information. Make a 1.2-1.5x speed, if needed.

If you have any questions or suggestions for me, please write them in this email.

Love you guys,
have a good one!