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We'll test your skills in Apex Legends and give you a free detailed report and recommendations for improvement on all game stages:
  • looting and inventory management
  • movement
  • fight-positioning
  • aiming
  • fight - hp management
  • rotations
  • end of the game
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Legion Farm Pros worth every $

It has been wonderful being able to use professionals with more experience to help improve my gamestyle by improving my situational awareness, and how to properly rotate to take the best position to win gun fights.


This is quite the awesome place

This is quite the awesome place, i've learned and grown so much since I started using the services and actually made friends with several of the Pro's, what a great group of guys and service!


I had so much fun and learned so much…

I had so much fun and learned so much playing with Salama and Azreeeal! I was hard stuck Platinum IV and playing with them I was able to quickly make it to Diamond Rank. I feel so much more confident in my ranked games after playing with them, and would highly recommend Legionfarm!


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Review about @ezboyeu

Ezboy is a superstar. Absolute madman with a KAR98...cracked. Amazing teamwork. Coached the entire game. High kills. One of my fav gaming sessions ever.


Review about @Szalami1

Really Great to play with as always, Had a blast with him & My friend that was allowed to join us. Always a great time.


Review about @molly

A great player, excellent at on the fly fights, and always picking people out that I might have missed. She can definitely help at improving anyone's gameplay in an easy way. 5/5