Subscription payment updates
To start using our service, you must purchase a subscription plan. As soon as you do, you'll get a month to try out our platform and its perks.
You may cancel your subscription plan at any time, in which case you won't be charged a monthly payment in the next billing period. Once you've paid for a chosen subscription plan, the Autocharge system will be automatically enabled.
More on that system is below:
There are 3 types of subscriptions:
  1. Standard, $50/month
  2. LF Senior, $500/month
  3. NFT owner, NFT ownership is the only requirement.
All the subscription plans includes full access to our new special coaching program. Read how it works below.
New coaching program
Our subscription plans include full access to the special coaching program. Professional coaches will assess your skill level via a test. Based on your goals, they will offer you a plan for improving your skills.
Every single session is evaluated by your PRO player (coach), which allows you to track your progress at Legionfarm!
Our coaches will lead you through all stages of the training program and help you achieve your personal goals.
How to start a coaching session?
Select coaching when creating an order (beware, this option is only available to the subscribers):
You can do that here:
How to pay for the coaching session?
It is possible to initiate a coaching session even when your balance is 0.
When you paid for the subscription plan, the Autocharge system was enabled for your account. After your session has ended, your PRO player (coach) will specify its duration, and the system will automatically charge you accordingly. That way, you won't need to worry about paying upfront for the session - just start playing whenever you want!
How to find the results of my coaching sessions? How to check the progress?
There's a button in the menu called "Coaching Program" click on it to view the review and summary from your PRO player (coach), check your stats and achievements:
You can check your progress by following this link:
To learn more about our program, follow this link:
Free sessions every day!
We have recently introduced the free sessions with the PRO players and other clients in special premade lobbies for subscribers.
You won't be charged for them - no kidding!
There're limitations - 4 hours a day and not more than 2 hours per one premade. Once the 2 free hours expire for one lobby, you will automatically leave the current lobby, so you can take a break or continue to play in a new lobby.
To open the list of lobbies, follow this link:
NFT Sale and drops
We decided to move the reveal to Mar 6 and do this together live at our event in Mexico! ❤️
Due to the change of the reveal date we want to reward our core community: We will take a snapshot during this week so everyone who owns an NFT will receive another NFT on March 5th! This will reinforce your voice in the LF DAO twofold and increase your chances of receiving the legendary NFT. Thank you for your trust and support!
On top of that:
  • 100 NFTs will be available for public sale on Monday, Feb 28.
  • We just opened whitelist! You can apply for your spot in it right now at and get your right to buy the NFT, close on Mar 1.
The other 6000 of our NFTs we will put in the DAO treasury.
All NFT card owners get free access to the standard subscription.
Accessing it is very easy - you need to connect your Metamask account to our website. We made the process as simple as possible:
  1. Log in to
  2. Click connect button on the header of the main page.
Once you click "Connect Wallet," you'll be redirected to the MetaMask page. Find the MetaMask fox icon in your browser extension toolbar if it doesn't appear.
Please download and install the MetaMask browser extension through their website if you don't have it.
  1. Click the "Sign" button in your MetaMask to explicitly confirm your intention to connect your wallet to Legionfarm.
  2. Your wallet is now connected to Legionfarm.
More details:
Cashback from paid sessions!

All sessions that you pay for (including the coaching ones) will cost less with this subscription plan. We'll evaluate how much you've spent at the end of the month and automatically return the 5% in cashback to your account!

LF Senior, $500 per month
$500 to your account!
When you buy this subscription plan, you'll immediately get $500 on your account - you can spend them on regular or coaching sessions!
The Standard subscription is a nice bonus!
The Senior plan includes all of the benefits of the standard subscription plan! Besides receiving $500, you will also get a $50 subscription. If you spend more than $500 a month playing coaching sessions or any other type of paid session, consider buying this subscription.
Personal manager & 10% Cashback from paid sessions!
How to play without subscription?

You could use our services if you bought a subscription at least once. It can be canceled at any moment - for instance, you can buy the standard subscription and then cancel it right away. You will still be able to play, and you get to keep all of the benefits until the paid period expires.

So how do you play?

First of all, we have the Practice and Fun and High Performance sessions. You could have seen those before here:

These sessions will be paid for using the current balance of your LF account or by the Autocharge system.

Besides that, we have the Premade Lobbies!

Gaming Heroes Club

The Legionfarm team has already staged the world’s first Metaverse fight with famous sports athletes like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway. We are now committed to hosting new offline and online “Superstar” events for our NFT owners. The upcoming one takes place in Mexico on March 5. Join the Gaming Heroes Club to come and meet your favorite Pro players, LF founders, and athletes in person. Or join our Metaverse party from the comfort of your home.

What is Gaming Heroes Club?

Legionfarm is a community of over 5000 professional players, content creators, and sports athletes. As our client, you may enjoy playing with the best PROs and participating in LF Senior League tournaments that we are broadcasting on Twitch.

And Gaming Heroes Club membership is quite an upgrade. The membership grants you a real opportunity to meet the superstars at one of our parties, have a live conversation, and play a match of VR boxing with them. With each new event, we are taking it to the next level. You are welcome to participate online or in person to feel the magic of being a part of Legionfarm.

If I have the standard subscription, can I upgrade to Premium? If I upgrade it after a few days of having the standard version, will I be compensated?
You won't be compensated right after the upgrade. So, it's best to do it at the end of the paid period.
Can I own the NFT and have the Senior subscription simultaneously?
Absolutely! The NFT subscription gives you access to the Gaming Heroes Club and all of the events in the Metaverse.
What will happen if I buy the NFT after buying the standard subscription?
The monthly subscription will not be charged after buying the NFT and connecting your Metamask wallet to the website. You'll have free access as long as you own the NFT card.
What will happen if I buy the Premium subscription plan and then buy the NFT? Will the price be reduced (because the standard plan is included in the NFT ownership)?
In this case, the NFT subscription gives you access to the Gaming Heroes Club and all of the events in the Metaverse. The price for the Premium subscription won't change.
What will happen if I sell my NFT?
After selling your NFT, you'll have to manually choose the subscription plan or use the services in the "Pay as you go" mode.
I keep my tokens on other wallets. How do I connect the subscription then?
To activate the subscription, you must connect your Metamask account. Currently, only the connected Metamask account will allow us to verify that you own one of our NFTs and add the subscription plan for you. Suppose you have bought the NFT on OpenSea using a different wallet. In that case, you can install the Metamask extension and transfer the token to the Metamask wallet.