Join the party
The button to enter
a promo code
The button to enter
a promo code
We have moved the promo code entry field to the main page for new users so they won’t have to look for it in the settings.
After entering the promo code you can go play with a PRO player right away if they are online. Or book a session with them if they are currently offline.
If a player has Calendly connected, it is possible to book a time there, after entering the promo code.
Join the party
We’ve also upgraded the design of premade parties to make it easier for you to pick who to play with. Premade parties are arranged into a carousel that you can scroll through vertically just like Tik Tok. Now you don’t have to buy a subscription to play a first session. You only pay for the first hour. If you play more, the remaining amount will be charged from your card automatically.
You will be taken to the check out screen after pressing “Join the party” button. You need to pay the cost of one hour at the chosen PRO’s rate. After the transaction is completed, you will be taken to the chosen premade party.
Custom orders
Custom orders are now displayed at the bottom of the page under the list of premade parties.
The flow of custom orders hasn’t changed. Just like before, you select the goal of the session, fill out the details about your account, make the payment, and then you can view the list of suitable PRO players.
After making the payment, you select the PRO player that you like from the list that was generated based on the provided parameters. We’re taking into account the platform, server, PRO’s rank and other factors.
The changes on the main page for current users
The design of the site has also been changed for current users. Players that you played with before are now displayed at the top of the page, same as your order history. Premade parties are arranged into a carousel similar to the new users.
You can find the chats with the PRO players who you played or chatted with on the top panel. We’ve added a few new functionalities in there:
• If a PRO player is currently in a premade party, their icon is highlighted in green and they have a label “in premade”. If you click on their icon, a chat window will pop up from which you can “jump” into a premade session or write to that PRO and book a session in the future.
• If a PRO player is online, you can start a custom order with them.
• If a PRO player is offline, you can book a session with them.