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Why LegionFarm PROs are better than in-game or forum lfg?
All of our PROs are top 0.1% players in the world. What are the chances of you meeting GLL tournament winners in LFG? Our PROs are that good! But, there's more! They won't carry you, they will teach you!
Why it is not a carry?
What does a carry mean? You play the game(join a match), do whatever you want, and get a win because of the PRO's skill.
Our service is different. You are playing TOGETHER with the PRO, communicating and listening to each other. You learn (first-hand) how each decision is made, when to engage and when to regroup, etc.
Obviously, you'll win more often. But those will be your wins just as much as they are the PRO's (that you played with).
Why you are so sure, that my skill will improve?
It is an excellent question!
We are proud to be the key partner of the statistics service and according to it, in 1 month with Legionfarm, your win rate grow up x3 (will triple), and k/d will grow up by 15%!
What if I will be unsatisfied with the PRO or the session?
Your session wasn't fun? Get a reFUN!
If something went wrong during the session: bad connection didn't get the vibe with the pro, etc., you'll get another session for free!
Why should I pay for someone to play with me?
Sure, you don't want to pay just for somebody, you're paying for the best. When you need to learn something difficult, you want the best help that you can get. We have a roster of the best players to get the MAXIMUM experience from the game.
Can I play with a friend?
Yes, you can invite one or two friends, but the PRO will be focused primarily on you and your in-game goals.
Can I buy a session as a gift for another person?
You will be surprised how often gamers order a session with the exact pro for their friend as a gift. This WOW effect when our pro contact unsuspecting lucky gamer is unforgettable
Can I postpone my session?
Yes, if you have the stuff to do, you can postpone your session or book an exact day and time to play, so the PRO will wait for you
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